Chat Rules:

  • NO X-RATED Content (Do not post adult pics/links)
  • NO flooding or spamming (flooding is repeatedly posting the same message)
  • No pictures depicting gore or violence

    NOTE: If any of these rules are broken and a Moderator finds out, the user who broke the rule will be removed from the chat.

    If the offence is serious enough or violates a law, your ISP will be contacted and info will be sent to the appropriate authorities

    Have you been banned?
    If you find yourself in room "booty" it means you have been booted / banned from chatting in the ChatWithJustin room.

    Why did I get banned??
    There are very few rules here. It shouldn't be difficult to follow them.
    If you were banned, you were likely banned for unacceptable conduct.
    If you're a nice chatter and don't intentionally violate the chat rules, you should never find yourself on the ban list for too long.

    Room "booty" is like a time-out... a room where all the other trouble makers are sent.
    ChatWithJustin is a privilege, not a right.

    How long does a ban last?
    It can last minutes, hours, or multiple days. In most cases it's a day or two.
    If you repeatedly cause trouble... you will be permanantly banned.


    We get that a lot. After all, ChatWithJustin is a cool place.
    We are reasonable people.

    If you believe this ban was the result of an error...
    please contact or


  • Please provide your Username that you used in the chat
  • Your ID number (4 digit numeric ID can be found when you click your name)
  • Please BE HONEST and tell us why you think you were banned.
  • Apologize and/or promise not to break the rules again.
  • Please DO NOT lie in your e-mail. If you lie to us, we will not remove your ban.