Mod stands for Moderator. Mods are responsible for maintaining order in a chat room.

Sometimes great big meanie heads will disrupt the flow of conversation in a chat room by flooding, spamming, posting bad pictures, or being rude to others.

A mod can "Boot" (Kick) a user from a room and prevent them from re-entering.

YOUR OWN chat room on Chat With Justin

You can be the CREATOR, OWNER, -and- the Moderator of your own room!

(Or make your friends Moderators)

Simply create your own room!
  • In the chat, type: =AnyRoomName
  • Example: =HaileysRoom would create the room "HaileysRoom"

    Step 1 - "Lock" Your Room
    In the chat, click -> ' ' -> 'Monitor'
    Pick a password to become the mod

    Step 2 -
    Select the USER you want to "BOOT"

    Step 3 -
    Enter the room's password to gain Moderator status
    Each person has a 4-digit ID. For example, the trouble maker's ID is 9816.
    Add the ID, select the number of days you want to keep them out, and BAM! Booted!